By Andrew Hobbs

WOODSIDE has teamed with Accenture in a move to use predictive analytics to assist the operator with maintenance and process control in its production facilities.

Accenture energy industry group managing director Paul Carthy told Oil & Gas Australia the companies had first focused on the Pluto LNG plant, aiming to provide insights that could be acted on in real time.

In the short term, this required Accenture to build surveillance and visualisation technologies for certain pieces of plant equipment – ranging from valves to heat exchangers to fans and analysers, he said.

Mr Carthy said the company was monitoring the equipment that would yield the most data, aiming to turn that data into more useful information.

“We are not bringing any data that is new or different,” he said.

“The Woodside team helps us with collecting the data and putting it into the systems, but we then apply the analytics too and the visualisation and the surveillance of the alerts and alarms etc.”

“So it is really putting the advantage analytics, solutions and tools on top of the data that they have had for many, many years. It is just doing some different things with it.”

“Whether it goes onto mobile devices or to people sat in collaboration rooms, it all underpins their vision for intelligent operations, smart operations and it helps with that a lot.”

This innovative analytics methodology and capability will be extended to some of Woodside’s other producing assets, the companies said in a joint announcement.

“There is a whole number of items that they have asked us to look at, but there is no end date at the moment,” Mr Carthy said.

Woodside senior vice president strategy, science and technology Shaun Gregory said the company was leveraging its extensive knowledge and skills as a leading LNG operator to progress major opportunities in predictive analytics.

“By harnessing more than 30 years of leading LNG operational experience through predictive analytics we are enabling our people to access extensive analytical insights that are expanding our decision-making capabilities and enhancing our ability to be predictive in our LNG operations,” he said.