THE Western Australian Government will announce its proposed petroleum acreage release at the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) Petroleum Open Day, and online, from 13 September 2016.

The proposed areas include the Lennard Shelf and platform areas and onshore Canning Basin and the onshore Officer Basin.

The DMP says interest in the onshore Canning Basin has revived significantly in recent years, with new play oil discoveries at Ungani-1 and Ungani Far West-1 (both by Buru Energy), good oil and gas shows in Ordovician shale in the unconventional Theia-1 well, and large estimates for shale and tight gas.

It pointed out that the Lennard Shelf fields have produced oil from Devonian carbonates and Permian-Carboniferous sandstones and that numerous oil and gas shows have been encountered in the vicinity of the platform area, which may be prospective for sub-salt Ordovician plays.

The DMP has identified that the onshore Officer Basin resembles Neoproterozoic successions in Oman and Russia that contain giant oil and gas fields.

It says numerous oil and gas shows have been encountered in Western Australian and South Australian mineral, petroleum and stratigraphic drillholes and that sub-salt and unconventional hydrocarbons may be present.

Work programme bids for these areas will close on 9 March 2017 and information will go live on the 13 September release date

Release information will includes prospectivity of release areas and of relevant basins, available data listings, new bid assessment guidelines, land access and environment considerations, schedule of fees, and how to make a valid application for an Exploration Permit.

This information will also be available on USBs for distribution at events and meetings. Updated work program bid assessment criteria include applicant profile, geological evaluation and exploration rationale, environmental management, native title and heritage management, and land access management.

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