HEMPEL has launched a new range of linings designed specifically for challenging applications, the company has announced.

Known as the Hempaline Defend range, the vinyl ester linings are designed specifically for applications where heavy-duty performance is critical to reducing corrosion and maximising production uptime.

These could include tanks, stacks, ductwork, flue gas desulphurisation units and secondary containment areas, Hempel said.

In the power generation industry the linings are used to protect the internal surfaces of flue gas desulphurisation units, ductwork, and stacks in wet and in dry environments.

In the power generation and the oil and gas industry, the Hempaline range can be used as tank linings, as well as for the protection of concrete surfaces, such as secondary containment structures, from aggressive cargos.

The launch of Hempaline means that Hempel can now offer customers a full range of products for internal and external protection, the company said in an announcement.

Hempel protective marketing group product director Pernille Lind Olsen said designers of power plants and oil and gas facilities were increasingly demanding coatings that could protect valuable equipment in aggressive service environments.

“The Hempaline Defend Vinyl Ester Lining assortment now provides our customers in South East Asia and the Middle East with a locally produced lining assortment offering a full range of solutions for these difficult conditions,” she said.

The Hempaline vinyl ester linings range also includes glass and mineral-flake filled coatings and fibreglass reinforced linings for specific applications.

The news comes as Hempel celebrated the application of its fouling defence product Hempaguard to its 500th vessel since the product was introduced in 2013.

Hempel signed a deal in April to coat 14 vessels with the paint for a container operator.