DESIGNED, engineered and built in Dandenong, Victoria, the Iveco Powerstar 6400 truck series holds one of the lowest tare weights in the industry.

Purpose built for the tough operating conditions of the construction, mining, quarrying and regional transport markets, the trucks have a Gross Vehicle Mass of 24.5 tonnes and a Gross Combination Mass of up to 60 tonnes, offering maximum payload capacity and superior efficiency.

The positioning of the engine and drivetrain components is designed to make custom body builds and additional chassis equipment easier to fit making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

A choice of wheelbase and cab configurations allows Iveco customers to mount a wide variety of equipment, including the latest side- and end-opening tipper bodies, whilst retaining the flexibility to support other applications including tipper and dog, single trailer, prime mover and cranes.

The Powerstar 6400 is supplied with the Cursor 13 engine, producing up to 500 horsepower and 1,700 pounds per foot through a wide torque range.

Cursor 13 engines use four valves per cylinder, an overhead camshaft layout with unit pump injectors and a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT).

The automotive industry standard CAN-BUS wiring system enables full electronic data exchange between engine, transmission and other equipment, to boost reliability and output and optimise driveline performance to the task.

Cursor engines from FPT Industrial, a sister company of Iveco, are designed to meet ‘Euro 5’ and Australian ‘ADR 80/03’ emission regulation for carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, particulates and hydrocarbons in tail-pipe exhausts with SCR technology.

Iveco can adapt its vehicle designs to meet the continually evolving engine emission standards, yet continuing to deliver optimal performance, efficiency and reliability.

Three transmissions can be chosen for the 6400, all providing the low speed, manoeuvring performance and fuel economy essential for operating around construction sites, freight depots and on unsurfaced roads.

Customers can opt for the industry-standard 18-speed Eaton Roadranger manual transmission or either the 12-speed or 16-speed variants of the ZF EuroTronic II automated transmission. The ZF EuroTronic II features electronically controlled clutch engagement.

Iveco is committed to the local transport industry through its Dandenong plant which has produced more than 225,000 truck and bus chassis since 1952, directly employs more than 600 staff and creates employment in Australia for thousands of people in related industries, from retailing operations to component suppliers.