IN A BID to reduce costs, BuTech has introduced a line of high-pressure relief valves with a repeatable release design that minimises the need for frequent recalibration, according to the company.

BuTech said the design enables the valves to automatically reset after each pressure release, resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime and lower whole-life cost.

Acknowledging the need for safety in high-pressure, high-temperature environments where maximum safety and reliability are critical, the state-of-the-art relief valves achieve pressures from 1,500 psi to 20,000 psi, feature optimised outlet flow for faster relieving and deliver flawless performance.

The valves can operate at temperatures of between minus 200 degrees celsius and plus 400 degrees celsius.

Haskel BuTech global product line manager Steve Learney said the company was pleased to launch the product to the market.

“It’s a direct result of listening carefully to our customer needs and wishes for a relief valve requiring minimal maintenance or intervention, that meets the most demanding industry standards around the world,” he said.

BuTech delivers high-pressure valves, fittings, and tubing designed to meet the requirements of today’s most severe applications.

The company is a brand of Accudyne Industries, a provider of precision-engineered and process-critical flow control systems and industrial compressors.

BuTech said it provides the market’s safest, most reliable, comprehensive range of long-life, high-pressure valves and piping components, and customised solutions for all applications.