ENGINEERING and services group Western Advance will demonstrate the latest in unmanned surface vehicles available from its Australian base in October.

Demonstrations of the C-Worker 6 autonomous system, developed by US-based group ASV will be held by the company in Perth.

The Western Advance demonstration will feature two payloads; an Ultra Short Base Line system for subsea positioning and a Multi-beam Echo Sounder for seabed surveying in water depths from 50 centimetres to 500 metres.

The C-Worker 6 is capable of supporting a variety of certified survey payloads of up to 500 kilograms, with 1,000 watts of continuous power over 30 days while maintaining survey speed.

It is an oilfield services platform designed to conduct subsea positioning, surveying and environmental monitoring without the need of a ship on station or sea-bed anchoring.

Western Advance said using the system on offshore high-resolution site survey data acquisition operations would decrease health, safety and environment risk and optimise marine operations by sharply decreasing operating costs.

Company marine sales manager Cory Brooks said company provided full product training and support for the vessels, making installation, integration and operation more cost effective and efficient.

“This is an exciting product for the oil and gas industry as it is not only a force multiplier in the field, but it provides a high level of risk mitigation,” he said.

“The C-Worker 6 is capable of providing quality data whilst operating in locations and conditions that a manned operation would be postponed or cancelled for.”

The system can integrate a variety of offshore payloads including ultra-short baselines, acoustic doppler current profilers, conductivity, temperature and depth and survey sonars via efficiently exchangeable payload frames.

The vehicle utilises an integrated navigation sensor suite comprised of an automatic identification system, radar, ultra-high definition cameras and an infra-red camera.

Custom payloads can be developed by ASV or by customers who are supplied an empty payload frame and a software interface specification.