BURU Energy is making progress at its Ungani Far West 1 well with the company reporting the start of coring operations and coring of new formation taking place in late January.

On 21 January, Buru announced the DDHI rig 31 had been rigged up and had commenced coring operations with a wireline retrievable coring system and the shoe track and rathole cement being cored.

Buru said coring of new formation was expected to take place in late January after retrieving the bottom hole assembly earlier in the month.

Earlier in January, Buru said it completed the logging and sampling program and the well was then drilled ahead to the interpreted top of the Ungani Dolomite reservoir.

Five inch casing was then run and cemented to 2,327 metres.

Buru said interpretation of the logging and sampling program results confirmed the preliminary interpretation of an oil column of at least 14 metres of which some five metres is net pay in the Anderson formation.

Ungani Far West 1 is located on an all weather drilling pad about one kilometre off the Ungani access road within production license L21.

The well is being drilled under the terms of the Ungani development funding agreement with Diamond Resources (Fitzroy), with both Buru and Diamond Resources holding 50 per cent interests.