TRANSERV Energy has hit gas at the first of two wells it plans to drill on its onshore Warro gasfield, the company has announced.

Located 200 kilometres north of Perth, the Warro 5ST well was drilled to a total depth of 4,422 metres, with gas pay being found over a gross 175 metre interval, including about 130 metres in massive stacked sands.

With the well still showing traces of gas at its total depth, Transerv said it was encouraged that its theory that the field may hold between 8 and 10 trillion cubic feet in place may prove to be true, and also suggesting further, deeper resources could be present.

While more gas-charged sands are expected deeper in the well, Transerv said Warro 5ST had deepened the lowest known gas in the field by over 60 metres.

It had achieved its prime objective of providing a substantial interval of gas charged reservoir for stimulation and testing, the company said.

Transerv is now preparing to run a 5.5 inch casing before suspending the well in preparation for stimulation and testing.

It plans to drill Warro 6, the second well in the campaign located about 3 kilometres northwest of Warro 5ST, in the first week of October.

Company executive director Stephen Keenihan said the results were outstanding because they extended the known parameters of the gas at Warro both at depth and laterally.

“The results are very strong and increase the economic potential of Warro significantly,” he said.

“While stimulation and testing needs to be carried out to determine the full commercial significance of the well, these results are highly promising.”

Warro 5ST is located about 3.5 kilometres from previous wells and represents a substantial step-out that has significantly extended the proven extent of the gas field,Transerv said.