TAG Oil Ltd has commenced its enhanced recovery waterflood project in its onshore Cheal field with the start of water injection at the Cheal-B3 well at a rate of 400 BW/d.

The company said the water injection rate will be increased and the pressure response in the reservoir will be monitored.

TAG estimates that it could take six to nine months to see a production response from water injection.

TAG said a small scale water flood at the Cheal-A3X well has already shown potential to enhance the recovery of oil in TAG’s Cheal permits. Following the start of water injection, production rates increased over 43 months followed by a slower decline than previously seen on primary production.

Cheal A-9

The company reported that the recently recompleted water well at Cheal-A9 is capable of producing approximately 4,500 barrels of water per day which is currently expected to be more than sufficient to meet water injection demands at all three potential injection sites.

TAG said that with the start-up of water injection into the Cheal ‘B’ pool through the B3 wellbore, the company has forfeited approximately 85 BOE/d of production.

Further, due to recently discovered mechanical issues in the B5 well, an additional 85 BOE/d remains offline. Following the E5 rod pump installation, operations will move to B5 to suspend the well and consider options to return it to production.