SUPPLYLITE today launched its cloud-based supply chain management visualisation platform at the AOG 2018 Exhibition and Conference in Perth. It adds to a growing list of new SupplyTech solutions that are using technology to reduce the cost of operations and provide increased visibility to support collaborative decision making.

SUPPLYLITE is a Software as a Service (SaaS) modelling and task-based operations platform that tackles supply chain challenges across oil, gas, construction and mining industry projects. It offers an unrivalled ability to reduce cost, eliminate waste and create traceability. This translates directly into a healthier bottom line and when you are talking billion dollar projects this means big savings.

SUPPLYLITE’s founder and CEO Michael Billingham said: “It has taken 20 years of relevant industry experience to create a platform that directly addresses some of the most common supply chain challenges facing large projects.”

Billingham continued: “I have been watching the emerging SupplyTech space and it was clear that the industry was crying out for effective modelling and tracking software beyond the macro view offered by today’s ERP systems.

SUPPLYLITE fills that gap – the Last Mile. We have shown that using its modelling and operations capabilities we would have generated an estimated savings of $52m on a recent major project worth $1.5b.”

SUPPLYLITE’s event sourcing logic underpins a modern user interface that drives intuitive modelling and operations modules. The platform provides a superior customer experience that will have you up and running within an hour of using the system.

Being a cloud based SaaS platform with open API architecture, SUPPLYLITE can scale and integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems to provide visibility across that critical “last mile”. It fills the void between an ERP system placing a purchase order against a project bill of materials and when that material has been received into the supply chain.

The SUPPLYLITE modelling module is a unique market offering that allows clients to develop, test and role play scenarios to refine their supply chain strategy prior to a final investment decision (FID). It integrates HESQ compliance, provides a cost estimate and enables all stakeholders to access the decision support information they need to map out an optimised supply chain.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure – and you can’t measure what you can’t see!

Once a FID has been made, SUPPLYLITE transitions seamlessly from modelling to operations mode and allows clients to execute their project with certainty against a fully planned roadmap supported by comprehensive visual dashboards and a Lean Six Sigma inspired reporting module.

SUPPLYLITE’s enterprise grade platform gives clients control and/or visibility of all supply chain operations including:
* fabrication and supplier progress against purchase orders
* costed 3PL/4PL activity at ports, supply bases, laydown areas, staging areas and mobilisation hubs
* freight profiling, inventory management, cargo configuration and cargo sequencing in accordance 
with the project schedule 
* air, land and sea transport shipments with linked manifests, stow plans and packing lists 
SUPPLYLITE leverages 10 years of supply chain experience across major projects with a number of oil and gas and construction clients. It offers a fresh, elegant solution to the full spectrum of supply chain challenges that extend from the Supply

Chain Director to a Supply Base Operator packing a container. Billingham added “Having built the last mile supply chain solution for the Toll Group that has supported Chevron’s Gorgon Project since 2009, we were confident we could build a solution for the next generation of emerging projects that would benefit from lessons learnt and current technologies. SUPPLYLITE will disrupt our industry and create a competitive advantage that no major player can afford to ignore.”