A STRAIN gauge measuring amplifier known as the MX1615 is designed to provide exact results for stress loading, covering the full range of tasks in strain gauge measurement.

Launched as part of HBM’s QuantumX measuring system, the amplifier can handle 16 strain gauge channels in various configurations including full-bridge, half-bridge or quarter-bridge, in a 3-wire and patented Kreuzer 4-wire circuit.

In addition, all channels can be used to record standardised voltage signals of ± 10 V as well as temperatures with a Pt100 sensor.

The group provides the complete measurement chain for such applications, from the strain gauge to the QuantumX MX1615 amplifier and CatmanAP software for data acquisition and analysis.

Using the MX1615 means the user can parameterise each channel individually. And all 16 channels are equipped with 24-bit AD converters. The excitation voltage of the strain gauge channels can be selected for each channel as a carrier frequency or DC voltage.

In addition, the data rate of 19.2 kHZ and the maximum bandwidth of 3 kHZ per channel cover a wide analysis range.