STATOIL has held an official opening ceremony for its Gudrun platform in the North Sea, the first Statoil-operated platform to be opened on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) since 2005.

In an announcement, Statoil said Gudrun was the first in a long line of new field developments it was set to commence, with Valemon, scheduled for start-up later this year, Gina Krog and Johan Sverdrup on the Utsira High all in line.

“We also have Aasta Hansteen and Johan Castberg to come in northern Norway. Johan Sverdrup alone will ensure value creation for another 40-50 years from the NCS,” the company said.

Oil and gas developed from Gudrun would be processed on the Sleipner A platform, located 50 kilometres further south.

The gas is then piped to Europe, while the oil is piped along with the Sleipner condensate to the Kårstø processing complex north of Stavanger for shipment.

Statoil chief executive Helge Lund said this was a combination of new field developments with existing infrastructure.

“This is good value creation that helps maintain activity and extends the life of a wide range of offshore fields and facilities,” he said.

The recoverable reserves on Gudrun are about 184 million barrels of oil equivalent. The platform already produces 30,000 barrels per day.

The platform jacket was delivered by Kværner Værdal in mid-Norway, and the living quarters by Apply Leirvik at Stord in western Norway.

The topside was provided by Aibel with sub-supplies from Thailand, Poland and from Haugesund in Western Norway. The helideck was constructed in China.