SRJ Technologies Group Plc has signed a global collaboration agreement with John Crane – a US subsidiary of diversified multinational group, Smiths Group Plc – to detect and mitigate fugitive methane emissions.

The deal will see both companies collaborate to offer an end-to-end service to detect, evaluate and mitigate sources of fugitive methane emissions from process plants and pipelines. Methane detection technology, provided by one of John Crane’s associate companies, will be used to carry out the detection surveys utilising light aircraft or drones.

Data will then be evaluated to assess the severity and location of emissions or if further on-plant detection surveys are required. SRJ and John Crane will then develop appropriate mitigation plans and, subject to customer agreement, will then design, plan and implement containment management solutions.

The collaboration will be able to deliver emission control utilising SRJ pressure containment solutions for pipework, valves, flanges and vessels, while John Crane will supply and install its revolutionary gas seal technology for rotating machinery such as gas compressors.

SRJ Chief Executive Officer Alex Wood said today, “many governments around the world were planning to implement binding greenhouse gas emissions targets as an integral part of their energy and climate policies. This includes statutory reporting requirements for methane gas leaks with associated financial penalties.”

“The drive to reduce emissions is also increasingly investor led, with organisations such as the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance driving sustainable investments to a level in excess of US$30 trillion,” Mr Wood said.

“Consequently, the oil and gas industry is surrounded by aggressive regulatory and sustainable investor pressure to dramatically improve it’s climate change credentials.

“The combination of ageing facilities and uncompromising national and international emissions regulations will drive demand not just for improved emissions detection but also for the engineering solutions to control or eliminate such emissions.

“By combining the expertise and products of SRJ and John Crane, industry gains access to a unique solution to solve fugitive gas emissions.”