A SPRAY that creates a soil crust to minimise erosion until seeds germinate is the latest product from Reynolds Soil Technology (RST) launched its latest product, Seed Stay & Grow, a spray and vegetation takes over.

RST said its Seed Stay & Grow product optimises the efficiency of mining, civil, construction and agricultural site rehabilitation and restoration by ensuring that seeds germinate to provide an initial protective canopy.

The product is sprayed over seed sown ground or mixed in the solution before spraying to bind the seeds to the ground and promote faster growth.

The solution does this by forming a crust on the soil surface that still enables water to penetrate and the soil to breathe so that the best environment for germination is created, RST operations and technical director David Handel said.

“The individual seeds become coated with the Seed Stay & Grow solution and as a result of the product’s unique film forming properties, the seeds are protected from the elements to germinate faster,” Mr Handel said.

“This fine film, based upon RST’s proven Floraguard technology, coats the seed, reduces transpiration rates – which is moisture loss – and protects the seed from heat, UV, cold and frosts,” he said.

“These actions increase growth rates and reduce germination loss.”

Mr Handel said fertiliser can be added to the solution being sprayed but recommends that a small jar test is performed first by mixing all the components together to ensure they are chemically compatible and stable.

RST has more than 26 years of experience specialising in total dust management, soil stabilisation and erosion, water and agricultural solutions for mine sites, haul roads, ports and land sites in Australia and overseas.

The company’s head office is based at Burleigh Heads, Queensland with an additional office in Carlisle, Western Australia.