DATA STORAGE and management company SpectrumData has opened its new data storage facility in Perth, wrapping up a 12 month planning and construction project.

The company’s new Australian Data Management Centre (ADMC), located in the suburb of Leederville, cost more than $1 million to build, managing director Guy Holmes said.

“We put previous conventions aside to create a design that was both innovative and functional. I believe we came to a nice compromise,” he said.

The Centre boasts new storage facilities for physical tapes and other media types for long term retention and management, including significant advances in fire and security systems.

Mr Holmes said the facility’s vault systems were portable, rather than being a fixture of the building.

“The vaults can be disassembled and transported to a new location with relative ease and this portability provides security upside as well as a more cost effective solution for us,” he said.

“Being modular, we can also scale the deployment as we grow and purpose fit for specific requirements customers may have in the future.”

Within the data migration centre, SpectrumData has installed massive new hardware installations including faster and higher capacity disk, as well as an array of new fibre and SCSI tape devices to suit every media type known.

All up, SpectrumData now has over 100 tape drives running on a day to day basis including drives from the 1960s to present day LTO and 3592 technology.

In the digital imaging and scanning area SpectrumData has deployed several new large format high speed and high capacity scanners for the capture of complex and oversized drawing and report types.

Mr Holmes said SpectrumData currently had almost 100,000 well logs, seismic sections and other large formats (exceedingly long documents up to 30 meters long) being processed for government and private industry.

There is still some minor work to be completed at the ADMC including some improved telecommunications and data transmission systems that will allow for growth as well as a few power related upgrades to finish the project off,” he said.

“We are now fully operational in the ADMC and have had a steady flow of recent contract wins as a direct result of the facility expansions.”