NON-DESTRUCTIVE test instrument supplier Sonatest has launched its Sitescan and Masterscan series of flaw detectors.

The company said the new range has evolved providing greater flexibility to customise the instrument to the user’s needs.

All units are field upgradeable resulting in a more adaptable product.

In a statement the company said new and standard software options can be customised to meet work requirements.

Sonatest said the new generation of flaw detectors offers features to boost the productivity of the inspector.

“The menus are customisable and intuitive to create a smooth workflow. The instruments give simplified PC interfacing and the UT-lity reporting software makes post-inspection report writing and result processing immensely easier and more streamlined,” Sonatest said.

The range has four models the Sitescan 500S and D-50, and the Masterscan 700M and D-70.

Models come in two shapes allowing the user to select between the traditional table-top style or the hand-held portable D Series case with a rotary wheel menu driver.

DAC functionality, available on all models, enables up to three custom DAC curves on-screen.

The company said adjustable DAC curves increase the available dynamic range.

Angle Measurement Mode is a new feature which simplifies beam plotting by using the built in peak detection mode the beam profile for any transducer can be confirmed in moments.

UT-lity Pro also provides the user with the ability to create and manage inspection plans, location notes, historical data and other asset management information.

Software options across the range include TCG, DGS(AVG), AWS, API, Interface Trigger, Backwall Echo Attenuation, Spl it DAC, Corrosion Software and Dryscan modules.