FAST track deliveries of data from the Haere broadband 2D seismic survey being conducted by Searcher Seismic and China National Petroleum Corporation subsidiary BGP are expected by March.

Searcher said in a January announcement that the survey, which commenced in November last year, was half completed at the end of January.

The announcement followed Searcher Seismic’s successful completion of a community awareness campaign with coastline communities, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE).

Encompassing communities from Orokolo Bay in the Gulf province to the eastern Papuan Peninsula in Milne Bay Province, the campaign was designed to involve and inform communities both about the survey and about oil and gas development in general.

Searcher operations manager Paul Miller said the company had received positive feedback from the campaign, adding that activities like this were invaluable for both parties.

“The opportunity to communicate directly with the local communities and hear their concerns and then in turn be able to work together in addressing these is very worthwhile for all involved,” he said.

“Searcher has worked with the DPE on a number of projects and has always strived to inform local communities –of our plans.”

“Going forward we will actively take on the feedback we receive and incorporate this into our future awareness campaigns,” he said.