SEATRONICS has announced its investment in iXblue’s RAMSES system, to increase its client’s objectives of operational efficiency. iXblue is a leading global provider of innovative navigation, positioning and imaging solutions.

RAMSES is an acoustic synthetic baseline positioning system with self-contained computing. The software allows for simple real-time sparse array navigation, an ideal solution for the highest precision navigation with smooth and drift free positioning.

iXblue’s RAMSES is a calibration-free, all-in-one system with real-time position computation and decimetre range measurement accuracy. Requiring no top-side and no umbilical, the unit allows quick and easy deployment in new or existing fields, with iXblue or third-party transponders, reducing operational costs.

“In the tough market conditions, reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency is more crucial than ever. This investment shows our continued commitment to our client base, offering them access to leading edge technology globally which will support this.  The systems will initially be supplied as part of an integrated solution to a leading subsea contractor in the Gulf of Mexico,” Seatronics managing director, Phil Middleton, said.

Seatronics has taken delivery of the systems and is fully proficient and ready to assist its clients around the world with immediate and simple mobilisations.