KEVIN Rolens is returning to Asia after almost four years as petroleum manager for the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals unit.

The American industry veteran is going back to Indonesia after an absence of several years to take up the position of general manager for Mont D’Or Tungkal Oil based in Jakarta.

Rolens may have have first encountered Mont D’Or when the company made preliminary visits to New Zealand during 2013 prior to being awarded the onshore East Coast Basin licence PEP 55789 last December.

Rolens has worked in many countries on several continents for over 30 years, many with an Australasian focus, including Anadarko in Indonesia, Santos and the Oyong-Wortel gas developments, and China, negotiating with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). The New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZPAM) position was his first working for a government.

“My time with NZPAM was very rewarding but now it’s time for another change and is a great opportunity for me to return to the industry and to Jakarta, where I previously spent five years,” he said.