TODAY’s petroleum companies are encountering unprecedented challenges to improve return on investment while staying on schedule and within budget.

Changing market conditions escalate the need for sustainable operations to help reach operational excellence.

A key component that has helped many companies achieve this is technology – information and automation is at the heart of all processes.

It is in those technological areas where Rockwell Automation has accumulated extensive experience in the oil and gas industry over the last 50 years, giving us a keen appreciation of issues and an in-depth understanding of the operational tools needed to address them.

Rockwell Automation Australia is a subsidiary of Rockwell Automation, Inc.—the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information.

The company brings together leading global brands including Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software.

This offering combined with extensive project management experience, presents Rockwell Automation with the ability to address turnkey solutions specific to the oil and gas industry.

Rockwell Automation’s dedicated global team of oil and gas professionals provides full lifecycle services for power, automation and safety systems from consulting through ongoing support.

With robust design methodologies and engineering of software and system hardware solutions, RockwellAutomation offers repeatable and consistent project execution which keep projects on time and reduces the overall lifecycle costs.