QUADRANT Energy has hit gas at the Roc 1 well drilled offshore Western Australia, a partner in the project has announced.

Carnarvon Petroleum told the Australian Securities Exchange that wireline logging tools had recovered condensate rich gas at the well, about 20 kilometres south-east of its 2014 Phoenix South 1 oil discovery, and around 150 kilometres north of Port Hedland.

Carnarvon managing director Adrian Cook said the results indicated a live hydrocarbon system with gas that could be recovered in a conventional manner.

“While the composition of the recovered hydrocarbons will need to be confirmed by laboratory tests, it appears the condensate rich gas is different to the Phoenix South-1 oil that had a high gas content,” he said.

“The result also demonstrates that we are in an exploratory phase in this region and more work is required before we fully understand its potential.”

Wireline logging over the interval from 4,380 metres to 4,420 metres confirmed reservoir quality sands with a net hydrocarbon interval of 10 metres from the gross 40 metre sand column.

Three distinct hydrocarbon columns were found in the interval, with a condensate to gas ratio at between 20 to 40 barrels per million cubic feet of gas Carnarvon said that it would complete sampling of the sidewall borehole core before abandoning the well, saying the hydrocarbons found were in a down dip location on the structure close to the calculated gas water contact.

“The joint venture partners decided that testing at the potential crest of the structure with a later well designed for this sand would lead to higher confidence of achieving better results from a test program,” Carnarvon said.

Quadrant Energy is operator of the Roc 1 well on WA 437 P with a 40 per cent, while Carnarvon, JX Nippon and Finder Exploration hold 20% stakes each in the project.