AS Mark Twain is famously quoted as saying “The report of my death was an Exaggeration”.

That is certainly the case for the region’s leading and longest running petroleum industry journal, Oil & Gas Australia.

The “voice” of the Australian oil and gas industry will celebrate 35 years of publication next month, despite rumours that the magazine was shutting down.

The reality is that, in the face of one of the biggest downturn in the oil and gas sector’s history, the publishers elected to take a short breath and undertake a strategic review of where the magazine was heading and how best to support the industry.

Following the conclusion of an in-depth marketing study and a restructuring exercise, it became obvious that the market wanted Australia’s longest running and widest read oil and gas publication to continue and after being suspended for one month, Oil & Gas Australia is being re-launched with a special issue to be distributed at the SEAAOC conference in Darwin.

The market assessments undertaken by the company showed that Oil & Gas Australia is a product that is highly valued by the local petroleum industry.

The study also revealed a range of new editorial and marketing directions that will be revealed to our loyal readers and supporters in coming months.

These will include a major focus on technical articles, more in-depth story coverage, personal inights into the people that make the oil and gas sector such an interesting and exciting industry and a significantly improved online presence.

As part of our strategic re-build, we would really like to hear from readers on any suggestions they may have on topics they may like to see covered, new sections they may like included in the magazine, and any other genuine suggestions.

We would also like to see reader participation in new competitions, the details of which we will reveal shortly and having you potentially provide editorial input in future editions.

We are really looking forward to hitting the ground running with our September issue and in participating at SEAAOC in September.

To our readers and advertisers, we thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to working with you to keep this historic and important publication in print.

This has been a long journey. We have been the voice of the Australian oil and gas industry for three and a half decades. Many of our readers were’t even born when the first issue hit the presses. We have been here through the good times and the bad times, we have reported on the big discoveries and the big developments, and even the big disappoinments – and with your support we will continue to be of service to this fantastic industry for many more years.