POLARCUS is breaking records with the company currently acquiring an ultra-wide 3D marine seismic project in offshore Myanmar.

Polarcus Amani is towing an in-sea configuration that measures 1.8 kilometres wide across the front ends, the company said in a late January announcement.

With each of the ten streamers separated by 200 metres, Polarcus says the total area covered by the spread is 17.6 square kilometres.

This is the largest in-sea configuration ever towed by a single seismic vessel as well as the largest man-made moving object on earth, according to the marine geophysical company.

The acquisition plan in Myanmar will deliver up to 190 square kilometres per day, a production rate that is currently unrivalled in the seismic industry.

Polarcus chief operating officer Duncan Eley was pleased with the achievement.

“Such industry leading operational efficiency in Myanmar by one of our right-sized 3D seismic vessels exemplifies Polarcus’ strategy to deliver fit-for-purpose geophysical solutions to our clients,” he said.

“We work closely with all clients to ensure both their efficiency and data quality objectives are met and exceeded,” Mr Eley added.