WHILE rates from Cooper Basin focused Real Energy Corporation flow testing of the Tamarama gas wells in Queensland weren’t as strong as expected, the company is confident the two wells can be future producers.

Located on the company’s ATP-927 permit in Cooper Basin in South West Queensland, the Tamarama-2 and Tamarama-3 wells recorded initial flow rates of 2 mmscf/day and 2.5 mmscf/day respectively.

More recently Real Energy has performed extended flow tests of both wells to which hace recorded rates lower than the initial rates.

However, both wells flowed at sustained and continuous rates with Tamarama-2 achieving the more sustainable flow rate of the two wells with flow rates ranging from 0.4 mmscfd to 1.30 mmscfd recorded.

Real Energy’s managing director Scott Brown said that while the results from the flow tests were less than hoped for, the company cconfirmed that these wells are indeed future gas producers.

“As well, we have witnessed significant improvements from the first round of drilling and without doubt, these flow rates prove up our Basin Centred Gas model for Windorah,” Mr Brown said.

“Our immediate focus is to bring in project partners to fund the pipeline between Tamarama and Mt Howitt together with putting these first wells into production and potentially drilling further wells.

“We are also planning the next phase of drilling with a number of third party operators wanting to earn-in to our acreage. The Windorah Gas Field has a significant gas resource and it has the capacity to generate considerable revenue for Real Energy. This is aided by continuing high gas prices on the East Coast of Australia.”

Mr Brown said further assessment will be conducted on both Tamarama wells in the near future. The Tamarama-2 and -3 gas wells were drilled as follow-up wells from the initial discovery well of Tamarama-1, with a changed deviated wellbore design with optimal stress orientation for more efficient fracture stimulation.

He added that Tamarama-2 and -3 have seen a significant improvement in the well performance compared to Tamarama-1.

“More improvement is likely with future wells especially from an enhanced stimulation process and using different proppant sizes. These extraction techniques will continue to evolve and thus yield better future flow rates. Real Energy has every confidence in the potential of the Windorah Field.”