FRESH from their success with the Roc-2 well, partners Carnarvon Petroleum and Quadrant Energy have now switched their focus to a follow-up to the even more exciting Phoenix South oil discovery.

Phoenix South-2 is appraising the August 2014  Phoenix South-1 oil discovery that was highlighted as one of the biggest oil discoveries ever drilled off the Western Australian coast and for opening up a new oil play on the North West Shelf.

Along with following up the oil reservoirs found in Phoenix South-1, this new well will also evaluate similar structures to the gas-condensate discoveries announced with the drilling of Roc-1 and Roc-2.

Carnarvon managing director and CEO, Adrian Cook, said new  technical work on the Caley formation encountered in the Roc wells has convinced the joint venture that this large structure warrants assessing  in Phoenix South-2.

Being drilled by the “Ocean Monarch” rig that drilled Roc-2, the Phoenix South-2 well will be drilled down to a total depth of around 5,500 metres and is expected to take a little over two months to complete the drilling operations.

“We are in a unique position to utilise the Ocean Monarch rig immediately after the Roc-2 well and we are thrilled to be returning to the Phoenix South area to drill the Phoenix South-2 well,” Mr Cook said.

“The result at Roc-2 has given the joint venture the confidence to undertake additional drilling activities. This well will appraise the Phoenix South oil discovery that was made in the 2014 Phoenix South-1 well and will drill into the Caley formation that contained gas and condensate in both the Roc-1 and Roc-2 wells. The Caley Sandstone was not an objective of the Phoenix South-1 well in 2014, so this is a very exciting target in the Phoenix South-2 well.

“We also look forward to evaluating the hydrocarbon potential in the Huxley and Hove members in Phoenix South-2 where encouraging hydrocarbon shows were observed during the drilling of the Roc-1 and Roc-2 wells.

“Our plans are to build on our understanding of the resource potential in this area in order to evaluate the range of development options. The Roc and Phoenix South well results represents an important part of this assessment,” Mr Cook said.

The Phoenix South-2 well is in the WA-435-P exploration where the he equity interest holders are Quadrant Energy (Operator) 80% and Carnarvon Petroleum 20%.