PRONAL elastomer and plastomer flexible tanks provide a solution to liquid storage and transporting challenges facing users onshore, offshore and in remote, inhospitable and emergency locations, developer Air Springs Subbly says.

The Pronal tanks are suitable for uses ranging from civil and military organisations through to mining and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and materials handling and construction and infrastructure groups.

Pronal tanks are available in capacities up to 1,000 cubic metres in several product ranges for air, sea and ground storage and for transportation of fluids in addition to water, including hydrocarbons, foodstuffs and agricultural and industrial products and waste.

Air Springs Supply national sales and marketing manager James Maslin had a variety of uses.

“[The tanks have] uses extending from buffer water tanks for civil and military potabilisation systems, through to transportable emergency water containers or fuel tanks for electricity generators and plant machinery on construction, exploration and development sites,” he said.

Mr Maslin said the flexible tanks’ design ensures liquids stored are never in contact with air, permitting safe storage of liquids such as paint, latex, fruit juice, emulsions and fuels.

In a statement Air Springs Supply said Pronal can often provide made-to-measure solutions to specific requirements or in response to descriptions of particular needs.