MEDITERRANEAN and North Africa-focused Energean Oil & Gas completed the drilling of well PA 35A in Prinos, which came on stream in late December 2015 and has since exceeded the company’s anticipated production levels.

PA 35A was the first of 15 development wells planned by Energean to be drilled in Greece to develop the 30 million barrels of 2P reserves in the Prinos, Epsilon and Prinos North oil fields located in the Gulf of Kavala.

Energean said the completion of PA 35A has added over 1,500 barrels per day to the company’s production, which is well above the expected 2P scenario rates.

The company’s exit production for 2015 reached 3,000 barrels per day in Prinos, which was a 60 per cent increase from 2014.

The drilling program continues with well PA 40, the second infill well in the Prinos oil field.

PA 35A was drilled with the Energean Force, the recently acquired tender assisted drilling barge owned and operated by Energean.