THE OZ Monyt Super Polymer is an ideal bearing material for weir bands, back-up rings, step seals, anti-extrusion rings and glide ring seals, designer Oz Seals says.

Classed as a super strong bearing material, Oz Monyt has surpassed all other bearing materials in durability, including acetal, filled nylons, filled polyesters and bronze, Oz Seals said in an announcement.

It covers properties of high abrasion resistance, load bearing capacity, lubrication properties and dimensional stability.

Bulletproof yet lightweight, Oz Monyt is suitable for marine and military applications. It is able to provide a service life of over 10 times that of other plastic engineering materials used.

At the same time, it is kind to shafts and barrels. Under dirty and unlubricated conditions it remains effective due to its permanent triple lubrication properties, carrying a low friction co-efficient (0.18/0.22) and excellent bush temperature resistance of up to 120 degrees celsius.

This allows higher speeds to be used, thus improving performance. When subjected to high pressures, Oz Monyt retains its shape and does not swell when immersed in water.

As a result, it has a great memory, requires little clearance and needs virtually no allowance for moisture changes, according to Oz Seals managing director Wilhelm Prinz.

Oz Monyt can be used for a diversity of industries and applications. It’s considered an ideal bush material for marine applications, while being the preferred material for the mining, earth-moving, aviation, industrial, commercial, automotive and construction industries.