ADVANCES in polymer lining systems are emerging as a credible and cost effective alternative to traditional corrosion resistant alloys (CRA), thanks to recent developments from Swagelining Limited.

Over the last four years, Swagelining, a global leader in the design and installation of polymer linings for pipeline and riser systems, has been working with a number of oil companies, resin producers, global subsea EPC contractors, universities and niche manufacturers to develop and qualify an integrated polymer lining system that is expected to expand the service application window for polymer lining.

Swagelining technical operations manager Allan Feeney will discuss how plastic is being used as a cost and time effective method of delivering internal corrosion protection in carbon steel pipelines and risers.

Mr Feeney said the company’s developments in polymer lining technology have potential to transform the subsea and onshore pipeline industry, thanks to their major cost advantages, significant reductions in fabrication complexity and increased reliability of corrosion protection in long term service.

“Carbon steel with a polymer liner can now be considered in a range of applications where previously only CRAs would be specified,” he said.

“It changes the limits for the present cost/benefit comparison between the two material options.”

As part of its research and development program, Swagelining has also created a novel weldable pipeline connector, the LinerBridge, which can be used to connect lengths of polymer-lined carbon steel pipelines and addresses the constraints presented by clad CRA connectors.

Mr Feeney’s talk will highlight the extensive testing program that the LinerBridge has undergone and the product’s scope to change the landscape of the pipeline industry.

“We are stretching the reach of polymer lining technology and pushing the boundaries with an intensive pre-qualification testing program and are about to mobilise a joint industry project,” he said.

“This is aimed at proving how polymer linings can prevent corrosion in carbon steel pipes transporting multiphase products at high temperatures.

“Our integrated lining system and LinerBridge together are a huge step forward for the pipeline industry and we are working with major operators and pipeline contractors who have realised its potential.

“Innovation is at the heart of Swagelining, and the clear benefits of polymer lining are the reason we have invested significant resources into its development.

“The level of long-term performance coupled with its cost advantages are proving the worth of the technology within the oil and gas industry.”