HIGH pressure gas pipes that will be used to build the 28.5 kilometre Bundaberg Port gas pipeline started making their way via land to Bundaberg in February.

About 1,900 lengths of piping – each 15.3 metres in length, and bundled in packs of 10 – arrived at the Port of Brisbane in late January and, after examination, have departed via truck for Bundaberg.

The $19.8 million pipeline project is part of a development agreement between the Queensland Government and Australian Gas Networks (AGN) for the delivery and operation of the pipeline.

AGN chief operating officer Andrew Staniford said the project was progressing well.

“Initial pipeline construction – which will be undertaken by the Zinfra Group and overseen by AGN’s long term operator, APA Group – is expected to commence in mid-March and take about six months to complete,” he said.

“Once that happens, tie-ins to station facilities will occur followed by commissioning and handover for operation, which is expected to occur in December.”

Construction of the pipeline is expected to create 45 jobs, including 15 local construction roles, in addition to supporting the development of the $70 million Knauf Plasterboard facility, which is expected to deliver 200 construction jobs and 40 operational jobs.

“Not only will the pipeline have the capacity to deliver a further 0.7 terrajoules of gas per day above that required to meet Knauf ’s needs of 925 terrajoules of gas per day, it also has the potential to fuel new business and industry, and create further new jobs in the area,” Mr Staniford said.

Mr Staniford said transportation of the pipes to Bundaberg would take about a week to complete, with up to five trucks a day making the journey from the Port of Brisbane to AGN’s Kensington Gate Station at Bundaberg.