ASX-listed Petsec Energy has reported that the barge transporting the recently fabricated Hummer Platform Jacket has arrived on site in offshore Louisiana in the USA.

The four pile, three slot platform jacket is designed to be installed in water depth of 215 feet over the Main Pass Block 270 #3 Hummer discovery well, which was drilled in late 2015.

Following jacket installation, a rig is being brought to the site to undertake the next phase of development which is to tie-back the subsea suspended #3 well to the jacket and complete and test the well.

Petsec anticipates that testing will commence in October with the results available in mid-to late October 2016.

Following testing results, the well will be suspended for future production while the platform deck, facilities and pipelines are fabricated and installed. Current estimates for first production are mid-year 2017.

The Hummer Development Project covers an area that includes portions of three Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) lease blocks – Main Pass Blocks 270, 273 and 274. Portions of Main Pass Blocks 273 and 270 have been unitised and are held by a Suspension of Production (SOP) approved by the Bureau of Offshore Energy Management (BOEM).

Main Pass Block 274 was recently leased by the Hummer Development Project partners at a federal lease sale held in March 2016.