GLOBAL Positioning Systems fleet management group Navman Wireless has launched a new communication device which it says will help lone workers in isolated areas stay in constant contact.

Developed from the ground up by the company, the Navman Wireless Lone Worker solution is a two-way communication device which remotely connects workers to their managers via the Telstra mobile network or Iridium satellite communication network.

The system includes a small, lightweight pendant that workers carry at all times, which connects back to their vehicle.

It utilises the Navman Wireless tracking unit and satellite communications device to send notifications and enables the worker to manually send high priority alerts, automatic man down alerts and low priority worker check in confirmations.

The system will also send a confirmation signal when a distress message has been received by the server.

In addition, should workers venture too far so that the pendant loses contact with the vehicle, the solution automatically sends an out of range alert to the pendant to notify the worker to return to a safe operational range or move the vehicle closer to their working location.

The pendant’s range is up to 500 metres with clear line of sight, but varies based on terrain.

After three alerts without any response, the Navman Wireless Lone Worker vehicle device will notify headquarters that the worker is out of range and could be at risk.

The system also boasts an in-vehicle call and emergency button, offering an additional layer of protection aligned with work, health and safety legislation including duty of care for mobile workers and employers.