A THERMAL night vision system released by US-based Flir Systems will enable drivers to see hazards sooner, react faster and stay safer on the road at night.

Using Flir’s night-time video analytics algorithms, PathFindIR II provides automated detection and alerts of pedestrians and animals, so drivers can see hazards sooner, react faster, and stay safer on the road at night.

PathFindIR II’s thermal night vision lets drivers see pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and other road hazards at night from up to four times farther away than with just the vehicle’s headlights.

Building on the success of the original PathFindIR, and made in cooperation with technology partner Autoliv, the PathFindIR II adds a unique night-time pedestrian detection feature that can be configured to automatically display alarms that alert drivers when the system detects a person nearing or crossing the vehicle’s path.

In addition to passenger vehicles, PathFindIR II installs easily in a wide variety of cars, trucks, and industrial vehicles including in police, fire, and other first responder vehicles, giving those operators the power to see through smoke, find victims and suspects at night, and to guide hoses onto fires in all conditions.