DOWNHOLE tools developer Peak Well Systems’ Simultra range of retrievable bridge plugs has been extended into 5.5 inch applications after its 5.5 tool in a 20 pound API casing completed a successful ISO-14310 V0 gas test.

The results of the testing showed repeatable zero bubble gas performance over a single test sequence that ranged from 175 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius and from 7,500 pounds force per square inch (psi) above to 7,500 psi below the seal – one which Peak said was an outstanding result and one unmatched in the industry.

Peak was commissioned to conduct this testing specifically by a leading international oil operator interested in utilising the technology to reduce cost in some of their challenging wells, the company said, adding that testing of the plug to 10,000 psi is anticipated to take place shortly.

All tests were undertaken at Peak’s state-of-the-art gas pressure testing facility located in Aberdeen and were independently witnessed and validated by a certified third party authority.

Peak Well Systems chief technology officer Robin McGowan said he was proud of the test results.

“Proving V0 performance across such a wide operating range in a single test run without the need to break testing into smaller temperature increments is a huge achievement and demonstrates not only the seal’s robustness but also the technology’s unique capability relative to traditional seals,” he said.

The Simultra range was developed in response to an industry need for a high expansion, high performance plug suitable for gas wells and challenging applications.

At its core is MetaPlex – a breakthrough hybrid metal-elastomer seal that delivers both exceptional performance and improved recovery reliability.

Peak aims to have the complete Simultra range, which will include a 7 inch plug, available for sale or rental by the third quarter of 2016.