WELL intervention technology provider Peak Well Systems has commissioned a new ISO test facility at its technology centre in Bayswater, Western Australia, where it hopes to provide the industry’s “the most advanced and reliable downhole plug systems”.

The new facility provides a controlled environment in which to test downhole plug systems under extreme conditions for prolonged periods of time.

It has refrigeration capabilities essential for rapid temperature cycling, enabling it to simulate the most hostile thermal conditions found in offshore wells.

Peak’s chief technology officer Robin McGowan said the capabilities of existing technologies were limited as wells became more challenging, especially in light of high pressure high temperature conditions and increased gas production.

“To address this, Peak is developing new products that will effectively increase the operating window and improve both the life and the productivity of our customers’ wells,” Mr McGowan said.

“Our new test facility is a key part of the process and has been designed to test new products exposed to the most challenging conditions possible.”

Peak said plug systems’ ability to create temporary seals at specific well depths was vital wihin the oil and gas sector.

“These barriers have several purposes, but are largely used to isolate different zones in a well in order to increase productivity and are also effective in reducing well intervention costs,” Peak said in a statement.