DOWNHOLE tool provider Peak Well Systems has launched a new range of V3-Grade plugs certified to ISO14310, which it says is the only mechanically-set V3-rated plug available.

The portfolio employs an ISO-14310 Grade V3-rated Simplus Retrievable Bridge Plug for well barrier applications in monobore wells, creating a reliable and high performance downhole seal.

The Simplus Retrievable Bridge Plug can be deployed by all conventional means (drill pipe, coiled tubing, wireline and slickline) and employs interchangeable components which facilitate a variety of downhole applications such as zonal isolation, wellhead isolation, contingent plugging, straddles and chokes.

The Simplus Retrievable Bridge Plugs, all of which are modular, are available in all sizes from 2 7/8 inches up to a larger 7 inch size.

The large internal diameter (ID) of the SIMPLUS Retrievable Bridge Plug makes this sealing system ideal for modular straddle systems that can improve well performance significantly, the company said.

Peak Well Systems chief executive Nigel Avern said the system had been independently verified and certified by the Perth office of Det Norske Veritas.

“We anticipate considerable demand for SIMPLUS amongst North Sea customers who already specify Peak products in their Flow Control intervention work elsewhere in the world and can now benefit from the same flexibility and reliability in applications that require specific well integrity conformance,” he said.

“Our SIMPLUS products will be made available to customers through our expanding Rental and Service business operations, ensuring that customers benefit from our Peak Field Specialists who are highly trained and experienced in plug system deployments.”