WESTERN Australian engineering company Orontide Group has completed the manufacture of two steel bend restrictor assemblies for installation off the coast of New Zealand.

Orontide’s group oil and gas manager Ankur Barua told Oil and Gas Australia that while the steel bend restrictor was considered a routine item, the use of a dummy assembly was an innovative approach the team used to ensure the work was completed successfully.

The two finished steel bend restrictor assemblies will be installed on a flexible flowline to be used in the Tui Field, operated by AWE off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Orontide was contracted by Technip to build and provide surface treatment, assembly and testing of all components (including spares) for two eight foot steel bend restrictor assemblies.

Bend restrictors are an integral component of the installation and operation of cables, umbilicals and flexible subsea risers, where they are used to mechanically restrict the flexible pipe from bending beyond its allowable minimum bend radius (MBR).

Extensive material testing and qualification was conducted prior to the manufacture and assembly of the steel bend restrictor assemblies in Orontide’s Bunbury workshop.

Once the test results were approved by Technip’s engineers, Orontide conducted the final stages of manufacturing and machining using five axis computer numerically controlled (CNC) Integrex machines.

A dummy assembly was then carried out along with a series of tests including a bend radius check and electrical continuity test.

The process was completed through the application of specialised surface treatments to meet NORSOK M-501standards in steel and surface preparation and the use of coating materials by Orontide’s Industrial Services workshop at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson.

“Orontide is primarily a maintenance engineering company operating substantial workshops across WA,” Mr Barua said. “This gives us a competitive advantage as it enables us to undertake work in a controlled environment.”

“We are not focused on just project based fabrication work and as such do not expect the end of the construction phase on the mega projects to have a significant impact on our business.”

“While lower commodity prices have seen our clients pushing for cost savings and the market becoming very competitive, the ensuing Operations phase is what is particularly exciting for us,” he said.

“Our clients have come to expect a level of consistent performance from Orontide and call upon us when they are looking for technically superior and commercially competitive solutions in the face of stiff local and international competition,” he said.