THE NT Government believes its gas resources can play an critical role in ensuring Australia’s energy security.

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles recently met with Federal Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to offer the Northern Territory’s support for reform of the National Electricity Market.

Mr Giles discussed the use of Northern Territory gas to support the reliability of electricity generation in southern states.

“The Northern Territory stands ready and able to assist other states with a reliable supply of cost-effective, low-emissions natural gas,” Mr Giles said.

“It’s recognised that if the industry reaches its full potential in the Northern Territory it will create 6000 extra jobs and generate hundreds of millions in royalties, which the Country Liberals will invest in education.

“These are jobs that Labor doesn’t support.

“We have a plan for growing the economy, growing jobs and improving our lifestyle.”

Mr Giles said Labor’s policies to shut down the gas industry and introduce a 50 per cent renewables target were damaging the NT economy and undermining national energy security.