TECPRO Australia has been appointed the Australian and New Zealand distributor of RACA International’s range of generic spray drying atomising nozzles.

Designed for atomising high viscosity liquids with values of up to several thousand centipoises, the nozzles are suitable for use in counter-current spray dryers and in systems where multiple nozzle lances are used.

The atomising nozzle’s orifice, whirl chamber and top plate are available in tungsten carbide to avoid rapid wear and performance degradation.

The body of the nozzles are made from Aisi 316 stainless steel, and they are available in four different thread sizes using female British Standard Parallel Pipe (BSPP) threads.

Tecpro technical consultant Patrick Cooper said in an announcement that the nozzle range was guaranteed to provide its users with significant savings without compromising quality – saying it was a game changer for manufacturers of spray dried products.

“For years they have been locked in to purchasing replacement nozzles and component parts from the original supplier,” he said.

“Now they have the benefit of purchasing from an alternative source that promises to deliver high quality atomiser nozzles at a lower price.”