PETROBRAS has appointed the former head of state-owned Banco do Brasil, Aldemir Bendine, as chief executive, following the resignation of Maria das Graças Silva Foster and five other executives amid a series of corruption allegations.

Prosecutors and police allege construction companies formed cartels to win inflated contracts at Petrobras, giving kickbacks to executives at the state-controlled oil producer as well as to politicians.

A record 23 billion reais in suspect transactions have been recorded, according to Bloomberg, with 500 million reais currently recovered and 150 people and 232 companies under further investigation.

Dubbed Operation Car Wash by police, the investigation has seen Brazilian prosecutors open 18 different criminal cases and file charges against some 86 people so far.

There is no evidence of Ms das Graças Silva Foster having committed any wrongdoing in relation to this matter.

In addition to her resignation, which was was accepted by the company in early February, a series of other directors also stepped down from their roles.

Petrobras chief financial officer Almir Barbassa also resigned, to be be replaced by Ivan de Souza Monteiro, previously senior vice president of Financial Management and Investor Relations of Banco do Brasil.

Other executives to have resigned were exploration and production officer José Formigli, to be replaced by 30-year employee Solange da Silva Guedes, and engineering, technology and procurement director José Figueiredo, replaced by Roberto Moro.

Downstream director José Carlos Cosenza was replaced by Jorge Celestino Ramos and José Alcides Santoro Martins, the head of the company’s gas and power business, was replaced by Hugo Repsold Júnior.

In an announcement, Petrobras said it “expresses gratitude to the CEO and Director Graça Foster and Officers … for the technical expertise, professionalism and dedication in the exercise of their duties.”