AN environmentally-safe jetting technology has secured its first commercial contract after signing a three-year deal with WestSide Corporation to support its workover programme in  Queensland.

The contract is the first time the V2H’s new technology will be utilised in a commercial environment in Australia with the company to undertake well workovers on a number of existing wells.

The programme will be managed by V2H’s deployment partner Nitschke Energy Services (NES).

V2H Australia CEO Nick Cox said the contract was an important milestone for the company as it commenced its rollout through NES.

”It is particularly satisfying that our first deployment of the technology as V2H Australia is where the technology was first trialed back in 1999,” Mr Cox said.

WestSide’s Hillview-14 well is still in production today having produced cumulative gas of over 2PJ’s using a very basic form of the technology.

V2H Australia was created earlier this year as the domestic licensee for a suite of technology owned by V2H International.

Patented technology

The patented technology has been under development for a number of years and has application on both surface and underground operations, as well as in the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry.

More than $40 million to date has been spent developing the technology and in Australia, successful field trials have been completed by BHP and Peabody Energy

The technology replaces traditional drill heads with a high-pressure water system that can rapidly install extensive patterns of lateral radial boreholes into multiple coal seams from a vertical production well.

The technology allows the laterals to be drilled from both existing or new wells.

Real time survey and steering capabilities maximise ‘in-seam’ hole, which in turn maximises drainage efficiency.

For producers the technology has the capacity to dramatically lowercapital and operational expenditure, increase well recoverability and lower environmental impacts.

The company said V2H could also be an enabler in some geological locations where there is currently no economic means of recovery.