Collaboration and creating value, not just competition and product, will be key measures of success for the future of Australia’s oil and gas industry according to Miranda Taylor, CEO of National Energy Resources Australia (NERA).

It’s a message that will be on show throughout next week’s Australasian Oil & Gas (AOG) 2018 Expo – the largest gathering of its type that’s expected to attract more than 8000 visitors from 20 countries to Perth as the global industry comes together to address current challenges and future opportunities.

This year’s Expo comes at an inflection point for Australia’s oil and gas community. A confluence of global trends and domestic challenges require new ways of thinking about the future of the oil and gas sector. Overcoming them will require innovation and new collaboration strategies.

There’s wide recognition that the competition element has taken a bit of a back seat in favour of much deeper collaboration, between operators, across the whole value chain, and with suppliers, SMEs, researchers and entrepreneurial talent, to drive faster adaption of technology and innovation. But connecting these innovators with oil and gas operators often proves to be the biggest hurdle.

Recognising this, NERA returns to AOG in 2018 as Principal Sponsor, taking a lead role to foster valuable collaborative opportunities between Australian-based creators, innovators and industry members to meet the industry’s challenges head on.

To answer these challenges and take full advantage of the increased opportunities that a digital future presents the industry, NERA CEO Miranda Taylor believes operators at every rung of Australia’s oil and gas supply chain must collaborate with industry partners on an unprecedented scale if Australia’s energy sector is to capitalise on growth opportunities.

“Just as successful businesses accept that ‘profit’ is no longer a dirty word, Australia’s oil and gas sector must recognise that collaboration and the sharing of ideas is a business advantage rather than a threat,” Ms Taylor said.

This year NERA is spearheading several unique activities, specifically designed to grow collaboration and continued investment in innovation within the oil and gas sector. This is designed to leverage new technological capabilities to stimulate new investment and bolster a sustainable future energy sector.
NERA is delivering three activities as part of AOG 2018 to facilitate growth within Australia’s oil and gas sector:

•    The SME ConnectER: The SME ConnectER is a facilitated event that will connect established SMEs with innovative products or solutions to champions from LNG operators and contractors. The event will host 25 selected SMEs to pitch their innovation and value proposition to eight operators/contractors from the oil and gas sector, guided by independent facilitators. Runs on 14 March.
•    The Collaboration Forum: Delivered by NERA, Woodside, Chevron, Shell, Deloitte and the Western Australia Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, this three-day discussion series will focus on how new collaborations between operators, contractors, researchers, SMEs and entrepreneurs can build trust and enable innovation and efficiency, creating value and providing access to new opportunities. Runs 14-16 March
•    The Technology & Skills Hub: ‘The Hub’ will provide a dynamic, interactive forum featuring technology demonstrations, skills insights and presentations from thought leaders and practitioners. The theme of this dynamic and interactive forum is At the Digital Crossroads: how collaboration and action can steer Australia towards a prosperous new tech future and will feature technology demonstrations, skills, insights and presentations from eminent commentators and practitioners. It will also provide a forum for a range of innovative businesses to demonstrate their technologies in the fields of data and digitisation, automation and robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Runs 15 March.

Since its inception in 2016, NERA has worked to maximise the value of the Australian economy by having a globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse energy resources sector.

NERA’s role is to support sector-wide transformational change and a smart, high value, digital and export-focussed supply chain.  NERA directs research to industry needs, identifies future work skills and transition pathways and promotes regulation that supports innovation and growth while giving the community confidence that industry is accountable for high standards.

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About NERA
NERA has been established to maximise the value to the Australian economy by having an energy resources industry that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse. Through a national focus, NERA’s role is to grow collaboration and innovation to assist the energy resources industry manage cost structures and productivity, direct research to industry needs, deliver the future work skills required and promote fit for purpose regulation. NERA is one of six Growth Centres established by the Australian Government under the Industry Growth Centres Initiative. The Industry Growth Centres initiative is an Australian Government initiative. To learn more visit