NARVA has released a range of low profile warning lights with a host of features that will appeal to a broad range of emergency and service vehicles, the company announced.

With a depth of just 7 millimetres and an overall size of 131 x 30 millimetres the ultraslim self-contained L.E.D warning lights come in a range of colours including amber, white, red, blue, and a combined red/blue version.

The lights offer versatility with 23 selectable flash patterns and the ability to synchronise multiple units for simultaneous or alternate flashing.

A non-volatile memory retains the last flash pattern used on power up, eliminating the need to cycle through the 23 patterns each time.

To meet the requirements of some emergency services an auto dim function has been built in to decrease brightness to 60 percent at night time.

Suitable for both 12 and 24 volt applications the multi-voltage lights use a minimal current draw of 0.25 amp on 12 volt and 0.125 amp on 24 volt (depending on the flash pattern), all are reverse polarity protected and each comes prewired with 200 millimetres of cable.

Narva’s lights offer an operating life of up to 100.000 hours which is achieved from six high powered L.E.D’s and these are covered by Narva’s five year L.E.D warranty.

The lamps are vibration resistant and their weatherproof design makes them suitable for external and internal use, the company said.

Mounting the lights can be permanent by using fasteners or alternatively they can be quickly and easily mounted using self-adhesive tape supplied in the box.

Narva’s low profile warning lamps are available from leading automotive and transport outlets.