BEACH Energy is nearing completion of its Nappamerri Trough Natural Gas (NTNG) exploration program in the Cooper basin, with the company reporting the activity had achieved all technical goals.

Managing director Reg Nelson said 1.6tcf of net 2C resources were booked to date, and that the company was “extremely pleased” it had improved its understanding of the region’s geology.

Mr Nelson said Beach had defined target zones and identified opportunities beyond the initial shale play in the area.

“We have also proved the ability to fracture stimulate, successfully flowed gas to surface and tested deliverability,” Mr Nelson said.

The company was processing a “substantial volume” of data to define the next stage of the work program, which would include targets and stimulation design.

“Beach is extremely encouraged by the opportunities defined by the Stage 1 program, in particular future testing of sands within the Daralingie Formation,” Mr Nelson said.

The ATP 855 program, with joint venture partners Icon Energy and Chevron, saw completion of fracture stimulation for the final three wells of a four well program in November.

The Etty 1 well has been marked as a “priority target” for further appraisal, with gas analysis indicating about 70% methane and 30% carbon dioxide.

“Test results confirmed that at least 93% of gas flow was emanating from the single interval stimulation in the Daralingie formation,” Mr Nelson said.

In PRLs 33-49, joint venture partner Chevron and Beach have approved fracture stimulation of the Boston 2 vertical well over eight stages.

“Once flow rates from the Boston-2 well bore are determined, the Stage 1 NTNG work program for PRLs 33-49 and ATP 855 will be complete,” Mr Nelson said.