By Sarah Byrne

JOURNEY management solution MiX SafeDrive, recently launched by MiX Telematics, is another service securing the companies place in the oil and gas sector.

The global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions said it is poised to deliver ongoing safety and efficiency benefits to the oil and gas sector.

MiX Telematics Middle East Australasia and Asia managing director Alan Hall told Oil & Gas Australia the company is continuing to grow through its offering of new technologies and hopes to broaden its customer segment focus.

A new add on has been applied to the company’s MiX SafeDrive solution – Journey Management, as well as, the recently developed Hours of Service solution and MiX Sat Comms technology.

“The solution is designed for fleet operators seeking an easy and automated way to keep their drivers and cargo safe and secure, while minimising business risk related to journeys,” Mr Hall said referring to the journey management solution.

“We’ve also developed Hours of Service to reduce risk and exposure and ensure compliance, by making the task of tracking driver hours simple.”

MiX Sat Comms is a technology developed by the company based on a specific customer requirement from the Australian oil and gas sector.

“Trials are underway using our new solution which provides cost effective global satellite communication in all locations, no matter how remote,” he said.

MiX Telematics uses a combination of in-vehicle monitoring systems, web-cased services, consultancy that includes reporting and analytics and training to drive safety.

In October last year, Halliburton committed to implementing a MiX Telematics solution in their fleet of more than 15,000 vehicles.

Mr Hall said a key oil and gas customer in the region achieved a 72 per cent sustained improvement in driver behaviour six weeks after implementation of the technology.

“The same customer achieved a 15% reduction in fuel costs within 12 months.”

Improved driver behaviour as a result of the implementation of the company’s solution has led to customers saving on fuel consumption, Mr Hall said.

“On average, fuel costs are reduced by 10%, often equating to millions of dollars saved.”

Mr Hall said for companies with large, multi-location operations, a fleet management solution allows them to see their entire fleet’s operation.

Providing the company with the ability to compare and boost performance, identify and resolve operational issues, and standardise processes, Mr Hall said.

Commenting on the oil price slump, Mr Hall said MiX Telematics remains confident in its place in the oil and gas sector, but has looked at ways to enhance and diversify its portfolio and is open to exploring new markets and geographies in the future.