MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched a new base in Sydney in a bid to strengthen ties with government, industry and academic bodies, the company has said in an announcement.

The heavy machinery manufacturer also hopes the base will help expand its information gathering to support its business infrastructure in Australia and across the Pacific.

MHI Australia aims to develop business opportunities in the energy and environment fields, including thermal power generation facilities, and in areas such as logistics equipment and compressor products for use in natural gas fields.

Joint research projects between MHI Australia and universities will be considered, with the company’s global strategy also calling for the development of new supply chains.

MHI chief executive Shunichi Miyanaga said he hoped MHI Australia would integrate the group’s technological strength and experience in large-scale projects in many business areas.

“Working in lock step with the advanced initiatives being taken in Australia’s industrial and academic sectors, we will bring new waves of innovation in diverse Australian industries, so that we may grow and prosper together,” he said.