By Andrew Hobbs

GAS INFRASTRUCTURE business APA Group has opened its Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) in Brisbane, bringing together its pipeline gas flow control and engineering and commercial operations teams to one site.

Employing 40 people, including system controllers, commercial operations and support personnel, working around the clock, the IOC is expected increase APA’s responsiveness to market and customer energy requirements.

APA has invested over $40 million in innovative systems and state-of-the-art technology at the centre to support ongoing innovation and enhanced services for customers and the market.

Company managing director Mick McCormack said the IOC allowed customers to manage their energy portfolios across all of APA’s assets with greater flexibility and through a single point of control.

Mr McCormack the IOC had enhanced the way the company managed its interconnected assets in real time – using relevant market information including weather events and electricity and gas prices to achieve better outcomes for customers.

These new services allowed customers “to manage their energy portfolios dynamically, with greater flexibility and significantly improving their ability to respond to market variability,” he said.

“For example, APA is able to transport gas seamlessly across three Western Australian pipelines, from Dampier in the north, through to the heart of Kalgoorlie, and 300 kilometres further east through the recently completed Eastern Goldfields pipeline,” he said.

“We are also able to move the gas from Victoria, northbound across APA’s East Coast Grid to deliver to liquefied natural gas facilities in Gladstone, and locations in between.”

Speaking at the facility opening, resources and energy minister Josh Frydenberg praised the company’s investment in the industry.

“The innovation that you talk about here with this new operations centre is a fantastic initiative and one we should celebrate and champion around the country,” he said.

“To hear that you are self-sustaining, that you are making billions of dollars of investment, that you are doing it in an innovative way and that you have brought business to Brisbane, that you can see your national landscape here from one office is really a credit to you and your company.”