PERTH-based non-destructive testing (NDT) company APTS has signed a deal with Canadian inspection company Spectrum NDT to introduce its microwave inspection technology to the Australian market in February.

Used primarily for the inspection of HDPE pipelines and other materials including rubber, fibreglass and composites, the microwave technology uses highly sensitive electromagnetic inspection techniques, together with quality assurance systems and on-site mechanical testing.

APTS said this would add a new level of non-destructive examination and testing, as well as quality assurance and quality control to the Australian market, while reducing operational costs and liabilities.

“The microwave has the ability to detect the quality of HDPE fusions, electrofusions, parent material quality, material density, misalignment, delaminations, disbonds, cracks, foreign material inclusions, voids (air bubbles, poor mixing, incomplete contact, lack of adhesive), changes in thickness, moisture or other liquid contamination and corrosion on steel pipe outer diameter through insulation or overwraps,” it said.

APTS executive director Paul Newbound said the services would allow for early detection of potential integrity defects ahead of project delivery with ongoing asset integrity management.

“This unique service offering and commitment to focus on service will allow us to create consistent value for our customers by providing a full testing and quality assurance validation process service,” he said.

“Our clients can rest assured someone is looking out for their best interests at every phase of the pipeline construction process with complete monitoring including personnel and environmental conditions.”