PIPELINE construction company Murphy Pipe & Civil has started work on the first micro liquefied natural gas plant to be built in Queensland’s Surat basin.

Murphy crews started work in July, building a 1.7 kilometre feed line for the plant – located next to the Condamine Power Station in Miles, in south west Queensland.

The project scope includes the installation of 2.3km of fibre optic cabling, installation of electrical instrumentation and communication and extensive civil works for installation of tie-in points for both facilities.

Consisting of a gas supply station, gas purification unit, refrigeration unit, storage tanks and tanker load out facility, the plant will produce LNG on site to be on-sold to customers – with the trucking industry expected to be a major client.

The project scope comes as company construction crews working on Santos’ Comet Ridge to Wallumbilla Pipeline Loop Project, near Roma, broke a company record on pipeline welding – welding 2.8 kilometres of pipeline in a single day.

MPC project manager Tom Fuller said to achieve this result, the 70-man mainline crew welded 156, 18 metre pipes in a single shift – or one pipe every four minutes.

“While our mainline welding crew is averaging around 2km per day, thanks in part to the use of six scorpion welding bugs, our forward crew on pipe stringing has also set an amazing pace,” he said.

“The same can be said for our lower and lay crew who have done an exceptional job and are averaging nearly 2km in the trench each day, but recently pulled out all stops to record an amazing 5.1km trenched in a single shift – so great efforts across all work fronts,” he said.

With works on schedule, Mr Fuller said he expected project construction and hydro-testing of the 120 kilometre pipeline to be complete by late October.

Murphy Pipe & Civil also recently completed welding and installing 3,000 kilometres of PE100 pipe across southern Queensland for the Queensland Curtis LNG Project.

The pipes are to be used to build the natural gas and water gathering network that connects QGC’s wells and Field Compressor Stations to feed the QCLNG Project – expected to be the largest of its kind in Australia, spanning about 4,700 kilometres when completed.

Murphy Pipe and Civil Managing Director Jim Campbell said crews had performed about 200,000 welds, laid more than 180,000 pipe lengths and fully tested and commissioned well over 50 per cent of the pipe network in reaching the milestone.