MERMAID Marine can add the operation and management of an accommodation vessel serving Chevron’s Gorgon project to its order book which will add $105 million to the company’s coffers.

The company announced 12-month contract win in September, adding that it has the option for extension.

The accommodation vessel, dubbed Silja Europa, is a 202 metre cruise ferry which until recently has been operating as a leisure cruiser between Finland and Estonia.

Mermaid said the vessel had been specifically modified for the contract and would accommodate up to 1400 workers, including locally hired crew.

“This contract is an example of the broad and innovative marine solutions which MMA can provide to its clients,” Mermaid Marine managing director Jeff Weber said.

“Mermaid Marine looks forward to working with the client to ensure a successful outcome in this and other contracts in which we are involved.”

The SiIja Europa is a temporary accommodation facility that will house members of the construction workforce as well as locally-hired crew, catering and cleaning staff.

A Chevron spokeswoman said it would provide a practical and flexible way to accommodate additional members of the construction workforce.